Gender matters - it's your business! 

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CARE Norway and NHO (The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) welcome you to the go-to conference on gender equality in business 29th November!

New Connections is a global conference focusing on ways of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 5 on Gender Equality. Women’s economic empowerment is a core part of this agenda, and a key challenge is to remove gender-based barriers in business. 

This year's conference will highlight how enterprises can work with gender equality as an instrument for profitability, and why men should engage in gender issues. We will also discuss the challenges of impunity in workplaces, and how international companies could work towards safer workplaces for women.  


Claudine Tsongo, DFJ

Coordinator (executive director) of Dynamique des femmes juristes (DFJ). As a lawyer in DR Congo for twelve years, she is engaged in promotion, protection and defense of human rights in general, and women’s and children’s rights especially and committed to fight for justice and equal rights for men and women, girls and boys. She has led many advocacy campaigns aiming at implementing women’s rights as protected by legal texts and bettering national laws that are still discriminating women.

Tina Davis, Rafto Foundation

Senior Business and Human Rights Advisor in the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights. Tina leads the initiative for a Norwegian modern slavery law. She holds a PhD in sociology, with research in labour exploitation and forced labour of migrant workers in supply chains. She has own experience as executive director of a medium-sized multinational enterprise. She has directed the documentary, Modern Slavery, which won the Amanda Award for Best Documentary (2009), and the international Global Development in Cinema Award (2010).

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